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New Designs

We are continuously testing new garments and designs and aim at expanding the assortment. Since we do not want to release any products that are not on par with our standards of quality (in terms of fit, durability and looks) it can take some time to develop new products. To stay updated follow us on Instagram.


The garments are being shipped from Sweden. The delivery time will differ depending on your location. Generally speaking they arrive to Swedish destinations within one week, European destinations within two weeks, and within three weeks to destinations in North America and Australia.

Note that customs charges and/or import duties may be imposed once the parcel arrives to the recipient. This is determined by the country you are in and not something that is under our control.

The cost of shipping is the following: destinations in Sweden = 7,5 Euro. Europe = 10 Euro. USA, Canada and the rest of the world = 12,5 Euro. 

Act Valiantly

View the garment as statement and a commitment to yourself. Wear it with a straight back and a firm gaze. Also, be sure to read The Quest of Glory prior to purchasing any of the garments.

Customer Notes

During the checkout you can leave notes as you place the order. However, these notes will not be seen by the mail services, so any instructions on where to leave the package will not be seen by the mailman, since the invoice will be inside of the package.


Unopened packages may be returned. The reason for not accepting opened packages is that I do not want to sell an already opened package on to another customer.

Correct Address

Make sure to write in the correct delivery details, should the package not arrive
due to a wrongly stated adress you must pay the shipping cost to have it sent out again.

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