New Designs

We are continuously testing new garments and designs and aim to expand the assortment, but only the most worthy will be released so these things take some time. To keep up to date follow us on Instagram and Facebook


The garments are being shipped from Germany, thus the delivery time will differ depending your location. Generally they arrive to European destinations within two weeks, and within three for destinations in America and Australia. Moreover, shipments of more than one garment will be sent separately of each other to the United States. If you are in Sweden you might experience problems with the postal system, if there is a delay in your delivery, send us a mail.



The t-shirts are made with cotton and a bit of elastan, which means they have a bit of stretch in them. You can either go with your usual size or one size smaller.
The hoodies are made with cotton and a bit of polyester, and does thus not have the same stretch in them. You can go with your usual size in these.
American sizes are usually larger than European ones so keep that in mind when ordering!

Act Valiantly

View the garment as statement and a commitment to yourself. Wear it with a straight back and a firm gaze! Also, be sure to read The Quest of Glory prior to purchasing any of the garments.


Unopened packages may be returned.


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