Shipping to the UK and USA Currently Disabled

Update USA: we have currently disabled orders to the US, due to the extreme delays in shipping. We hope to enable shipping to US destinations again as soon we have figured out a new solution for the deliveries. 

Update UK: unfortunately, the German post alerted us of severe problems in deliveries to the UK. So we have disabled orders to UK destinations until further notice. We hope to enable shipping as soon as things are in order again.

Due to both various Covid-restrictions and the usual higher work-load caused by Christmas shopping, shipping times are severely increased. 

The German post let us know that packages to the US, Canada and Australia now go by sea (instead of air) making the transportation longer. Morover, Covid-restrictions mean that fewer postal workers can handle packages at any given time (also causing delays). 

That being said I hope as many packages as possible arrive in good time, but if they don't, you now know why. 

Thank you for your patience. 

I wish you a Happy New Year

Best regards,



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