Size Guide

The sizes for most of the garments are regular with the following exceptions:

  • The MMA shorts are a bit bigger in their sizing. For example, I wear Large in them whereas I wear Extra Large in the other shorts (Swimming Shorts + Handsome Shorts).
  • The polo-shirts and linen-shirt are less stretchy than the t-shirts, so if you are unsure which size to go with it might be better to go with a size larger (if you are in between sizes).
  • The stringers have most of the cloth around the waist, meaning that it is not as restricting on the upper body, this means that you can go with a smaller size depending on how tall you are.
  • If you are uncertain what size to choose in a garment, send an email to with your weight and height and I will advise you.
  • The Ymir Strength Garment is very big, you can go with either one or even two sizes smaller than usual. If it is still too big you can wash it in 40° once (the recommended washing warmth is 30°). I did this with my garment that I have in Large.

Please note: we do not accept returns (since I do not want to sell already opened packages), so keep this in mind when ordering.



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