Imperivm Evropa – T-Shirt

This garment stands for loyalty to Mother Evropa. The use of V instead of U is a nod to the Roman way of spelling. The statue depicted is based upon the works of the German sculptor Arno Breker and the words surrounding the statue; veritas (truth), honorem (honour), ivstitia (justice) signifies values that should be upheld. The statue is a homage to Classical Europe, and this garment is designed to promote European (including America and Australia and the other former colonies) unity and pride in this legacy. Classical aesthetics such as this can be found all over Europe and is thus a good symbol to promote a much needed cultural re-awakening. When wearing this garment you should strive to become the statue; the physical representation of eternal metaphysical ideals.

The garment is suited to a well trained physique. The model is wearing Extra Large at 187,5 cm 92,5 kg.

95% Cotton, 5% Elastan. Made in Poland.


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